How Telecommunications companies survived the Great Internet/NSM Flood

I noticed something that the Telecommunications company should pay me for. Kidding.I bet you’ve noticed this too. Today’s generation is starting to get more enamored with reblog, like, comment, and retweet than the usual reply. Today’s generation learn… Continue reading

To the 2020 generation

One day, as I was strolling along the cyber pathways, visiting blogs, I came upon a time capsule. Yes, a time capsule in cyberspace.No, it’s not from 1901 as they do not have… Continue reading

Will tweet for books

I remember creating a twitter account more than a year ago but I soon forgot my username and my password. Why? For one, I am not a fan of broadcasting to the world… Continue reading

The Press Release goes online: A Social Media Release on MARU

(Unintentional)Hiatus is over( or so I hope)

Blame it on… I’ve been in a blog hiatus for a month now. Le sigh. I’ve missed at least four blog posts. When I failed to write an entry last July 24, I… Continue reading

Almost Famous

Bloggers are the new celebrities. And new social media is the way to stardom. I remember reading this about two years ago and back then it seemed like a fearless prediction. But now,… Continue reading

Worming your way into the shelves of the Internet Age

If you ask me what my passion is, I’ll have to give two, fashion and books. But if I have to choose (Jeez, I hope there wouldn’t be a need to do so), I’ll choose… Continue reading

Are you ready for WWI(Web War I)?

When my Orcom 152 professor started asking our opinions on what could be the implications of Wikinomics1 to Orcom practice, I found myself listening closely to what my classmates are saying. After all,… Continue reading

The Clash of the Web Giants and the Cyber Watchdogs

Imagine Facebook disappearing into nothingness. What if suddenly, a cyberspace black hole gobbles it up. With it, your latest pictures, statuses, and your cyber friends. Le gasp! No more updates on what your… Continue reading

Confessions of an internet junkie

Confessions of an Internet Junkie Addiction support groups say that the first step to being cured of an addiction is to admit that you are addicted to that something. So here it goes,… Continue reading