A mishmash of emotions

I am writing this not as a book review but with the intention to preserve the emotions that Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood has made me feel. I am an emotional person with strong affinity towards sadness to begin with and Norwegian Wood was such a complementary work of literature. I could almost smell longing and feel the heartbeat of every character, except stoic Nagasawa who I believe does not possess a heart but rather two big brains.

I am trying as hard as I can not to turn this post into a repository of quotes that went straight to my heart. Interestingly, I am feeling the same mishmash of emotions I felt after reading F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and I think I will be reading Norwegian Wood and the latter for a second time soon. At this point I am almost ready to give in to this urge to breakdown and wail, to mourn for a loss of something I cannot even explain, to cry until there are no more tears. Sadness, such a powerful addiction that no amount of happiness can seem to extinguish. It just hides deep inside you, ready to force you back inside its dark cave when it gets a chance.

I am not doing any justice to what I have just devoured. I understand why I only got to finish reading the book I started December 2011, and that is, because I am very fond of prolonging the agony by being a coward. It was such a painful book yet it cuts through one’s whole being swiftly and neatly, like a very very sharp Japanese sword. It leaves you speechless. It leaves you with no choice but to embrace the end.

The only logical thing to do is to read it a second time but not now, not yet. The soul can only take so much emotion at a time. As I am beginning to fear that I might fall into Naoko’s well, I plan to read Eat Pray Love next. What better remedy but a book that to me seems to bask in sunshine.

If you’re in pitch blackness, all
you can do is sit
tight until your eyes get used to the
dark.- Reiko


                               Photo borrowed from tumblr.elle.com

A trying-too-hard-to-express-how-I-saw-Norwegian-Wood poster :p