What I learned from watching 2 episodes of The Borgias’ Season 2 ( S02E02 Paolo  and S02E03 Beautiful Deception )

–          Family and Love is more often than not, all about Politics.

–         What is really dangerous is obsession. Threesomes sometimes can put the once nuisance object into obscurity, making it a problem no more. 

–          You don’t sulk, you get even. And you learn from your opponent’s mistakes. Subtlety is key but make sure he gets hurt.

–          Riddle: How can a family keep itself together when everything tears it apart? Not just love surely. More often than not it is respect. Respect breeds a kind of tolerance that keeps the squabbles from destroying everything like wildfire.

–          Time is always lacking thus you must make do with wit and a lot of courage. Case in point Cesare’s (fake) canons.

–          In order to deceive the enemy, show him you can do and you can give twice as much or more than he can ever give/do/imagine. The operative word here is show not tell.

–          It pays to be dazzling, to be both dazzling and clever is lethal. Again, not ole lame beautiful.

–          Educate yourself. Always learn new things and Excel in it. Cliché and maybe I picked that up from reading Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother last night