Summer All Ready




April started with a forced week-long vacation, a very very long one at that. Most of the shops, restaurants and almost every establishment in the metro started closing down early and by Thursday it’s already a challenge not to be bored. I am usually not one to miss an opportunity of a staycation, albeit a week-long one but I must admit how I’ve been stuck on a rut for quite some time now. What better way to get out of it than to start blogging again. I don’t exactly know what makes documenting life so charming but it is an amusing way to spend time.


Law school (and the occasional hunt for the next perfect playlist) has been keeping me tied down for almost a year now. Dreaming of April and May while reviewing for the finals was actually what kept me san; but to let these precious summer days go by without some sort of plan would be a sin. So here’s to a possible Best Summer to date!

  1. Write

There is always something to write about. The difficulty lies in tuning out the noise and ignoring the distractions. I often find myself scribbling random words, random thoughts at random times of the day. My goal is to write longer sentences, more paragraphs, and for my writings to make sense. One must also pray for the strength to proofread and edit.

    2. Read

Books.Books.Books. So many books to read, so little time. And I’m not even talking about casebooks. How can one write if one does not read?

   3. Create

Summer 2012 will be all about projects. I started the Siomao Project (more about that on my next post) yesterday and I’m still trying to organize my thoughts and sift through all the brainstorming bullet points in order to create concrete strategies.

   4. Routine

 Establishing a routine will help keep one’s sanity when hell breaks loose again. I’ve always hated routine and the boredom that comes with it, but I realized there’s more to routine than boredom. It can actually be a lifesaver.

   5. Discover

To balance out the tendency of routine to be monotonous, it is inevitable to try out new things, then choose adventure. That’s the plan.