Speculations by a Time Traveler(wannabe)

Bad news.

First, my Grandmother,who prefers to be called Mama bought a mini laptop(a.k.a.notebook).

Then, she became so enamored with YM to the point that she just had to chat with me every night. Yes, the disparity of the timezones of the countries we live in is worsening my anemia.

Now, she’s on facebook and my brothers are complaining. Who would be happy with someone commenting on their relationship status updates with (motherly,of course) sermons?

And now I think she’s addicted to facebook. This addiction I suspect may be due to her growing enthusiasm for photo uploads and status updates.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the idea of grandparents and parents creating New Social Media accounts. For once, they might just understand why I start my day by opening my Restaurant City account or they might just understand why I always log in to facebook(Hello Mom, are you reading this?). This might be the solution for all the generation gap problems the whole planet has been having since the beginning of the life cycle. And I do find Lola Techie cute.

I am all for parents and grandparents creating new social media accounts, heck i’d be willing to promote it to them. But you don’t know my Mama.

She has a mania for trends!She panicks when she does not have a say on the latest. So to my two darling brothers, I know you’re trying to understand why she comments in all your posts especially in your relationship status posts.I would to if I haven’t been warned it was all a bait, a trick meant for her. Yes, we’re evil like that.

Since I am not a fan of rants, let me turn this ranting spree into a speculation spree. A little warning though, my speculations are mere speculations that are not meant to hurt anyone or make anyone feel insulted nor discriminated(Just in case you’re going to find this post Mama.Hee)

If people from the 20s ,the time of the great flappers ,would be in Facebook, they will always find ways to be deviant. Since the status quo is to post as regularly as you can and keep your friends updated as often as possible, these people would be MIA. No status updates for months and no photos to share. Heck, they wouldn’t even find it necessary to post a profile photo!

A flapper on Facebook would be interesting, don't you think?

The 30s, for some reason, is totally unfamiliar territory for me, so naturally, I cannot speculate.

If people from the 40s become hooked with facebook, they will always be paranoid that someone is monitoring their status updates in preparation for a massive invasion. Which I think can be plausible given the never-ending recession the whole world is experiencing.

He will definitely use Facebook the way he used and controlled Media.

If people from the 50s would be in Facebook, there would be great video uploads of movies and dancing. Ahhh. The Golden Age of Hollywood.

Will they set aside their tea parties for Facebook?I don't think so. Where else can they compare whose tea party dresses are the prettiest?

Well, from what I hear people form the 60s are quite rebels. If they time travel and with some unknown miracle become hooked with Facebook I think Facebook will have to provide a change layout button to give way for the 60s funky graphic designs.

Oh My God!I have the biggest crush on John Lennon!I would definitely add him as a friend!:>

Free love and people from the 70s are quite synonymous. Maybe Facebook will have to add “Is in love with”, “Is cheating with”,”Is in mutual understanding with” in their roster of relationship status.

Who could forget the bell-bottoms craze of the 70s?Will these hippies get the same Facebook craze our generation seem to have caught nowadays?:>

When I think of the 80s it’s disco and bright lights that comes to mind. It makes me dizzy how Facebook might have to adjust when these people time travels to the present and become a part of Facebook’s target audience. Again.Please do not take my speculations seriously.

Neon Facebook layouts anyone?:>:/

Okay, I am a 90s baby. And based on my earliest memories(hazy stuff that may or may not be just figments of my imagination) the 90s was big on messy hair and jeans and yes, supermodels! Since my memories are quite hazy and my judgement biased, I believe it was people from the 90s who are definitely hooked on Facebook.Hee

<P.S. I am hesitant to post screencaps of my Mama’s Facebook comments, YM addiction evidences and frequent photo uploads for the fear of being excluded from her Last Will and Testament. I am not kidding. You don’t know my Mama.>