Death by sudden internet “disconnection”

Running against time and against another unexplained sudden internet disconnection care of Globe Broadband. Ah yes, the 1350 peso fee per month is not enough to improve their customer service.

I am well aware of the hundreds of existing posts that just screams Globe Bro Sucks! and Smart Bro Sucks too! Is there such thing as a Sun Bro Sucks!Oh goodness, how many blog post complaints do they really need before they start fixing this mess?

How about I list the disastrous things that happen to me when I don’t have internet connection?

No internet connection doesn't really translate to productivity. Not for me at least.

Since I’ve had had a couple of bad experiences related to sudden internet disconnection, I have noticed that my responses are always the same.

Denial of Addiction. I can live without internet connection mantra. When turning off the router doesn’t work, I give up and try hard not to sulk. For three years now(yes, three years of being subjected to anxiety attacks), I usually rush to my building’s garden to have that proverbial breathe of fresh air before I absentmindedly smash the router into pieces. Now we wouldn’t want to arouse suspicions that I may be in need of anger management classes,yes?

Trying to find other things to do that does not involve my laptop and the internet. This is where my book collection comes in handy! I can finally finish one of the (usually) three books I’ve started but never got to finish because I got distracted by an update.



Shop. Window shop.

Check if the internet connection is back.

Call the Globe service center.




Call Globe service center.Again.

Check internet connection.

If all else fails and I just have to email something important or check my restaurant, I go to coffee shops for overpriced coffee, er, internet connection.

Because when Ireally really need to send that email, a cheapskate like me would brave that 175pesos:>

You get it. As a citizen of 2010, where people are almost always online and when they say the city never sleeps you’ll be sure it’s because they’re online, watching reruns of their favorite shows, liking status updates on facebook, talking with friends via skype or YM, I get anxiety attacks when I get disconnected from the world. of this moment.the’ off thrice now. Breathe in.Breathe out.