Confessions of a Tumbling Drama Queen

It started with a confession(See: Confessions of an Internet Junkie), it shall end with a few more confessions:”>

Okay, I’m not one to put down my poker face mask for public display of emotion but I must admit I’m getting emotional as I type this.

I can only think of a few good reasons why this is happening. First, I’ve always hated procrastination and cramming but I always tend to fall for traps and tricks of memories of the feeling you get after beating a deadly deadline. It’s a bad addictive habit.

Second, I never really thought about how my professional relationship(Oh hello there required blog posts) with this blog will come to an end. Honestly, I never thought I’d live to see the end(See Blog post title if you need explanations). Ha!So much for naming my blog bless the commqueror!

Third, I really hate goodbyes. There I said it. Anyway, I do believe we’ll meet again my wordpress blog! But before this temporary goodbye let me give you some comments that can be used as points for improvement.

Dear Mr.Wordpress

First on the list, I really love your blog stat feature. It motivates me to write blog posts knowing that people are really reading the products of hours of eye cell-killing radiation also known as blog topic conceptualization,appropriate photos research and actual blog post creation. Ha!sounds like laboratory work?It’s kinda harder but more fulfilling:)

Views motivate me in an awesome kind of way:>

Second, the first time I met you I realized you’re not user-friendly, in a bad kind of way. It took me three days to finalize this account and until now I cannot upload videos. Also, I wish I could change your fonts without having to change the theme. Okay maybe it took three days because I can’t decide on the theme:/

Third, sorry, I just have to say this, you can be quite boring:/ Perhaps, you’re “home page” is not at all inviting. Maybe you should try creating clusters of “interesting posts” instead of just placing “most recent posts”. But then it could get problematic since you have to determine who are the people who spend a lot of time in your site. Also, I personally hate the paragraph-ish texts on the left(see photo below).

I just don't like the layout:/

But no worries Mr.Wordpress, you’ve bee a quite effective blogsite, better than blogspot I dare say:)

A few truths about Mr.Blogspot

I’ve had at least five blog accounts since 2007. My first attempt on blogging is via And what really irked me was the layout and how extra complicated the whole experience was. First, I am not good in remembering usernames and passwords. Then, blogger always tells me to log in even when I’ve already logged in. Uploading photos and editing texts also was somehow a pain. I gave blogspot at least two chances,it didn’t work so I moved out and decided to finally set up a tumblr account.

Reasons why I stayed in Tumblr

The photos are amazing. I’ve always been a sucker for photographs that evoke nostalgia or are so witty they do not need captions, and I found these kinds of photographs in Tumblr.

I love hearts. It’s so easy to “like” a certain photo without having to wait for the site to load all the people who liked the photo. Tumblr’s heart button is one of the most overused buttons in the site.

The Tumblr Heart:''>

Oh!and buttons are fun too!You just click “reblog” and the photo immediately gets transferred to your site and appears on your followers’ dashboards. The reblog button is the most overused Tumblr button.

Variety(not too much variety) is key. Tumblr gives you seven types of posts to choose from.

Would you want an audio post?a photo post?or a quote post?:>

Most of the Filipino bloggers I closely follow are using Tumblr. What better way to be inspired but by knowing that these bloggers not only use the same blogsite you use but are also young, artistic Filipinos with whom you share the same interests.

Saab The Beautiful

After lurking in her blog for months, I instantly clicked “Follow” when I read how she now adores her messy, rebellious hair which years ago she had tried to tame via rebond:>

Regina Belmonte

Her signature red lipstick tubes and Chanel nail polish shades are to die for!And she writes the most interesting blog posts. I clicked follow after reading her post about her pet bunny. Because bunnies are<3 đŸ™‚

Tin Talented

Tin Iglesias writes for Tongue-in-Chic which is a fashion blog where the entries are written by fashion bloggers from all over  Southeast Asia. Plus!She’s a Clothing Technology major from UP Diliman. Will watch out for her clothing line which I predict will come into existence sooner or later:)

Esme One-of-a-kind

Another fashion blogger who loves messy hair. I’ve always had issues with combs and hairbrushes. No matter how many hairbrushes I own they always tend to disappear so my fingers always do the “combing”. Naturally, I love girls who can forgo hairbrushes and still look their best:>

And here’s a screencap of my tumblog:> Shy-//

I would really appreciate it if you do not find my tumblr account. It's sorta kinda my personal space ya know:''>

Until we meet again, Mr.Wordpress:”> Bisou Bisou;)