A Spotted Online Reputation,anyone?

To celebrate the much awaited return of Gossip Girl( well for me  it was much-anticipated at least) , can I dedicate this post to my favorite show?

After I finished watching the first episode of Season 4, I had an epiphany. Nah!Not that Juliet Sharp is Gossip Girl(okay for two days I thought she really IS Gossip Girl), but that Gossip Girl shows how one blogger(and New Social Media if I may add) can destroy the reputation of a handful of individuals.

A shot of the suspicious bulletin board and the rumors flew.

But the show's producer cleared that Juliet is not Gossip Girl.

Scandals aren’t new to us. Remember the Katrin Halili-Hayden Kho scandal and other cringe-inducing videos that spread via online? I can’t verify if a blog was the culprit for the spread of such videos(I bet not). But looking at blog/websites/blogsites like perezhilton.com, no wonder PR managers of celebrities and stars never run out of cash.

Stalking isn’t exactly new to us either. With the advent of New Social Media and almost every cyber citizen’s desire to  update everybody of their thoughts, whereabouts and hourly activities, we are getting more and more susceptible to stalking and blackmail.

Online reputation (sometimes) is in the least of our concerns. Being a private citizen, an ordinary individual, a school campus unknown, no one would ever find my posts and status updates that interesting, right? Or that interesting that they just have to create a blog post solely in my honor, right?Na-ah. Since almost everybody we know or we still have to meet are already in cyberspace, online reputation is something that we should try to maintain. Is the image you want to project still at par with how people view you? It could affect us in ways we might never imagine now but regret later. Hello job hunting and future corporate life.

Because in real life when you get Spotted! you can’t afford to just shake it off. It will definitely cause a lot of heartaches to be tagged in photos of events you can’t actually remember attending or particularly can’t remember how you got home from. It will get you in much trouble especially when you’re friends with your Mom in facebook or she reads your blogs. Uh-oh.

Waiting for blog updates, status updates and twitter updates can be quite addicting. I do remember that the Gossip Girl characters get their Gossip Girl updates via their phones. Now that’s handy. But then we must remember the danger of overanalyzing things and jumping into conclusions. Sometimes an “I killed someone” status doesn’t necessarily mean you should call the police. Sometimes it just means you should watch Gossip Girl for updates. Bisou Bisou.