How Telecommunications companies survived the Great Internet/NSM Flood

I noticed something that the Telecommunications company should pay me for. Kidding.I bet you’ve noticed this too.

Today’s generation is starting to get more enamored with rebloglike, comment, and retweet than the usual reply. Today’s generation learn of suspension of classes, confirmation of holidays, relationship status changes, and even each other’s mood of the day via twitter, facebook and blogs. I would go as far as proclaim that today’s generation are in love with tagging and of real time (and frequently delayed sms is ruining everything for Telcos.)

So what am I trying to say here? I think that today’s generation is veering away from the cellular phone and getting more and more mesmerized by the glare of their laptops’ faces. Why?Here are some reasons I believe are the culprits.

Delayed messages are annoying. We want the answers NOW, not an hour later. We want to have the feedback as soon as possible. Delayed replies make us anxious.

Conversations are addicting. It is easier to click reply than push the reply button. It is easier to type with both hands than to exhaust your thumb. But if you have touchscreen phones well that’s another story.

Conversations with people you admire/idolize/want to be when you grow up are addicting. With the emergence of online celebrities(i.e. bloggers) and online communities, people can now choose to have interesting conversations with people they deem as interesting. You need not have someone’s cellphone number or run the risk of being suspected of stalking tendencies by trying to get someone’s number to be able to talk to them.

Everything looks much better in real time. Yes text messages are also quick and convenient but then wouldn’t you be annoyed if someone texts you what they’re doing every minute? Well, with New Social Media everybody’s getting quite addicted with status updates and no one can blame you for it since the message you send out is for the whole cyberspace and not exactly for your friends and followers. Although, this is an overrated excuse.Hee.

Well, of course the Telecommunications companies wouldn’t have survived if they didn’t anticipate these changes and adapted to this trend.

So what did they do to still keep on earning millions?

They incorporated internet services in their roster of offered services. Now you can tweet and update your facebook status using your wi-fi ready phone and subscription to a mobile internet service.

Telco.Giant Number 1:>

Telco. Giant Number 2:>

They have established partnerships with cellphone companies. With the very fast paced production of new cellphone units, I must admit I’m getting all confused and I’ve given up trying to keep track of what’s new in the market. But telecommunications giants like Globe and Smart sure are keeping track of all these new phone units. Notice how print ads of new cellphone units usually have accompanying ads for telco. Services that now include internet service subscriptions.

Telcos. unite with Cellular phone companies to provide promos that you were supposed to find irresistible.

Because I can't find the print ad where she endorses Nokia N97 mini, Ovi Maps and Smart. Photo from

To cater to their customers ever growing need to go online, they have developed new tools and services. First, was the emergence of broadband internet. If not brilliant foresight, what else could you call this. Effective trends monitoring perhaps? Now we do not only rely on Telecommunications companies for our text messages and calls, we also subscribe to their internet services. A very lucrative business opportunity for them I say.

Then, internet users have to have internet anytime, anywhere, everywhere. For this the prepaid internet USBs/ plug-ins were created.

Now, the newest offer comes from Globe, the Globe Tattoo Myfi which is a shareable postpaid broadband service. In lay speak, a way for you to share internet connection to friends and family. Now you can have a mobile internet café if you want to.

MyFi is the new Wi-Fi?

I wonder what possibilities these Telecommunications companies can offer us a few months from now. How about virtual restaurants for people who can hardly find time to call delivery service. How that will be possible would be for them to figure out.