To the 2020 generation

One day, as I was strolling along the cyber pathways, visiting blogs, I came upon a time capsule. Yes, a time capsule in cyberspace.No, it’s not from 1901 as they do not have blogs back then. It’s actually a project put together by a group of people for the 2020 generation.

As much as I love treasure hunting, I love time capsules and I do believe we can time travel in one way or another:)

Their website: says,

The Open Time Capsule intends to communicate with people in the future, using words and images to stand as the artifacts of everyday life in 2010. This will be a gift to the 2020 generation and, though it is not directly stated, a gift to one’s future self as well. Who knows what things will be like ten years from now? Though historians and journalists will attempt to capture this year objectively, this time capsule hopes to preserve the emotional tone and subjective experiences of the contributors.

So I had an epiphany. I decided to make a letter for the 2020 generation, telling them that pigs learned how to fly during our time. Kidding aside, I think it would be nice to talk about our existence in an era of New Social Media because maybe in ten years facebook, as we know it today, would be unrecognizable to us.

Dear 2010 kiddos,

I’m Mavic and I’m a nineteen-year-old girl from 2010. No, I’m not writing to tell you historical accounts or stories about the jejemon phenomenon. Well, you see, I’m writing to tell you about New Social Media. In case the term has changed, let me put it in simple words, it is a term used by 2010 people to refer to blogs, microblogs, and social networking sites. If it still doesn’t ring a bell, it’s where you can see what your friends are up to even when you’re not with them.

People in 2010 are quite fond of New Social Media. To tell you the truth, for some of us it has become an addiction and an ordinary part of daily life. I myself, has become a slave of New Social Media. I started this day by logging in to my facebook account and checking my tumblr dashboard.

Speaking of facebook, it has been more than a social networking site for students like me. It is where we usually learn of sudden class suspensions, breaking news, deadline of assignments we were unaware of, and many other important things that you just have to know or else you might die.Literally and figuratively.

This generation also gave rise to blogger celebrities. Yes, the ticket to stardom is not a big TV network or a talent manager, at least for this generation who usually spends more time in front of the computer than in front of the TV. We are addicted to constant updates and I can go crazy just waiting for my favorite bloggers updates. Sometimes, the more updates you have, the more famous you become. Going back to celebrity bloggers, this new generation of celebrities are given front rows in fashion shows, get to meet the Vogue editor herself, are given designer clothes and freebies from hotels, restaurants and organizations that matter. It’s either they blog about your company and your sales goes up or they blog about your poor quality of service or products and you die.

I do hope you still have facebook  or blogs at least. If not, I’d like to believe you have better versions of social media platforms. Oh, and before I end this letter, I would love to hear from you! Assuming, I’m still alive when you get to read this, you can contact the site where you got it and I shall leave my contact information with them. Fret not, I plan to update this contact information at least every two years starting on 2010. I’d love to hear from you stories about New Social Media or its counterpart!


Mavic Castillo

I seriously plan to submit this to but I’m not sure if my letter can give justice to the New Social Media experience. I think comments and suggestions from dear readers would be very helpful.Hee🙂