Will tweet for books

I remember creating a twitter account more than a year ago but I soon forgot my username and my password.

Why? For one, I am not a fan of broadcasting to the world what you’re doing every hour or so. I do not normally do that. Well except at times when I am at the extremes of my emotional spectrum(READ: Too happy or Too sad). Another reason also for the early death of my twitter account was that I did not follow anyone I personally know. I think that could be a big factor because that’s what made me get hooked to facebook anyway, stalking,er, the urge to be updated about the people I know/care about.

Maybe I wouldn't mind frequent updates and TMIs from Einstein and Michaelangelo:>

Twitter, I know what you did last summer

A certain series of unfortunate events,or should I say, tweets, ruined Twitter’s image for me. Nah!Not in terms of the social media platform per se, but I became aware of how malice can easily spread through Social Networking Sites and how people can easily exaggerate, making a big hullabaloo out of nothing. That may be irrational judgement on my part but Twitter brings back some sad memories and disappointment.

But because I believe in second chances, I’m gonna give Twitter a second chance

The Blogging and Microblogging workshop in our OC152 class a while ago made me remember how microblogging( i.e. Twitter) could be a great experience if used properly and not with ill will in mind. I had so much fun doing a product launch via blogging and learned that it could actually work for an organization. After all, consumers always want the latest, so why not give them the latest updates via a corporate blog and not a corporate website.

Consumers nowadays, prefer a more personal take on products and services and New Social Media is making that possible. They want a conversation. We want a conversation. We want a relationship. We hate being treated as just a statistic. We hate companies who see us in terms of demographics.

Sir Barry’s lecture also made me compare notes with that awful Twitter experience and why it was awful. I couldn’t agree more when he said that Blogging is just a tool and not a strategy. I personally believe that you do not deliberately flood your followers with information and call it your digital strategy. No matter how much you’d try to make it look like it was a personal initiative, it will still look pretentious. After all, the consumers are not idiots.

But the biggest reason would be….

Saab Magalona’s promo. Yes, I’m doing this for the love of reading and books!



So here I am, finally crossing over to the dark side.Hee. To the cybergods, can i keep my twitter account this time pretty please?:)