(Unintentional)Hiatus is over( or so I hope)

Blame it on…

I’ve been in a blog hiatus for a month now. Le sigh. I’ve missed at least four blog posts. When I failed to write an entry last July 24, I blamed it on the usual culprit, procrastination. When I finally wrote an entry that week’s Wednesday, July 28, I had to scrap it. This time, I blamed mediocrity.  Three weeks later, I still have unfinished scraps of possible blog entries and Document20 on the Microsoft Word toolbar to remind me I still don’t have a complete blog entry for July 24, July 31, August 7 and August 14. Okay Document20 might be an exaggeration.

The calm before the storm

As I sense another super hell week fast approaching, I realized it is imperative to get things done now! So easy to say so hard to do,right? But it would be worth the try to use the “calm” before the academic hell (super)storm of requirements  begins again. So I decided to go deeper into the problem and the first  step would be to diagnose the problem.

I realized that had it been really about writer’s block, I wouldn’t have scraps of unfinished blog entries. I am not a perfectionist but I as much as I can, I strive to avoid mediocrity. So, perhaps, my (unintentional) lack of three blog entries is due to lack of inspiration.  And since, I’m almost always online and believe me, I’ve attempted(and failed) to stop myself from opening my laptop, to the point of hoarding books to substitute my online routine, I guess I might as well look into cyberspace for inspiration.

What inspires you?

For me, it could be the most random things, but usually, it is a balance of good and bad. (Yes bad stuff can inspire me too,and surprisingly, in a good way). So here are some inspiring things I found in cyberspace.

  1. People who pursue their passion

Who wouldn’t want to be doing the things they love? I bet the question would be how to overcome the fear and proceed in doing what you really are passionate about.

This made me think.But first, Am I really doing what I really wanna do?:>

Because I don't know how to post the video here:( You can watch it here: http://wydmnl.com/#2

2. People who come up with the quirkiest “missions”

Imagine this happening while you're in the LRT, would you save Princess Leia?

Who you gonna call?=)) Improve Everywhere! at http://www.improvevrywhere.com

3. People who challenge your complacency

Let this be not an insult but a challenge instead, yes?

4.Art in the most unexpected places

Would you dare eat marshmallows with painted faces(food color as paint) and quirky hairdos( colored whipped cream)?XD

Now, that's wall art:)

5. Words that go straight to your heart

Believe me. You're blessed in more ways than you could ever recognize.

I’ve always believed that inspiration is woven with the thread of our daily lives. All you need is open your eyes to it and feel that rush of creativity, determination, or whatever life is all about for you. For now, I’ll try to bottle up this inspiring feeling;)

So help me God :3