A year ago I was trying (and failing)to maintain a personal blog that mainly contains my interest in fashion, translated into the language of visuals. As of the moment I am happy to be finding the motivation to blog(the secret is to blog asap before the excitement on the new Miu Miu frocks wear out), although unhappy of the fact that my blog has become more of a cyber picture book consisting of no more than 20 to 50 words at most. With that disappointment in mind, I am definitely going to make sure that this communication blog be a balance media of pictures and words, preferably more sensical musings from a senior Organizational Communication student.

When I asked for four shifting application forms from the OUR two years ago, I did not quite fathom that I’ll end up in Orcom. Don’t get me wrong, I do love scribbling random thoughts even at the most spur-of-the-moment, no-pen-and-paper-at-hand times and I’ve always felt that capturing words into paper is as soothing as shoe shopping, but two years ago I was not aware that the field of Organizational Communication goes beyond writing and speaking. It is Wonderland! ; A mixture of different personalities, a lot of thought-provoking theories and dimensions that just defy the common notion that Organizational Communication is simply writing and speaking put into the organizational context.

So here I am, in love with Public Relations and still trying to figure out how to whip up a coherent set of words in front of an audience. Speaking in front of people has always been my weakness. Not that it is a phobia of some sort; it just frustrates me when I see unkind, unforgiving faces staring back at me. Although, I may be imagining these things, I am very aware that in order to be a good communicator, you have to be both adept in oral and written communication. And UP Orcom is not all about being good but about being excellent. This leads me to the part where I explain why I named this blog Beatus Commqueror

For the longest time I’ve been using the email address blessed conqueror. It loosely translates to my name(well, if you and I were to believe that baby name book my mother came across some time in 1991). And because I am feeling superstitious and introspection made me realize the scary challenging stuff that this school year shall shove on me, I decided to say a little chant/prayer/mantra/whatever-you –may-wish-to- call –it via my blog’s name. It means “Bless the Commqueror”. Cheesy stuff. I know. But I need all the good luck and motivation and hard work and determination and did I say good luck? to be able to commquer Orcom.

Why commquer ? Except for the obvious distortion of the word to marry communication and conquer, I believe that to be able to survive this field, one must be proactive in envisioning the emerging trends in communication and have the courage to go beyond the limit that is already set by existing paradigms and principles. And much like a pirate, a conqueror fearlessly explores new worlds in search of new knowledge and discoveries. That is what I dream strive to be.