A mishmash of emotions

I am writing this not as a book review but with the intention to preserve the emotions that Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood has made me feel. I am an emotional person with strong… Continue reading

Tidbits of Things As of Late

– A photo of the Duomo of Milan taken by moi at the start of my 2010 European Tour (Italy-France-Spain) – Boredom + Color combination experiments + Glitters – Random ideas classified as Writing… Continue reading


What I learned from watching 2 episodes of The Borgias’ Season 2 ( S02E02 Paolo  and S02E03 Beautiful Deception ) –          Family and Love is more often than not, all about Politics. –         What is really dangerous… Continue reading

Summer All Ready

    April started with a forced week-long vacation, a very very long one at that. Most of the shops, restaurants and almost every establishment in the metro started closing down early and… Continue reading

Are you Contagious?

Let’s make a difference. One Positive Idea, One community at a time;)

Confessions of a Tumbling Drama Queen

It started with a confession(See: Confessions of an Internet Junkie), it shall end with a few more confessions:”> Okay, I’m not one to put down my poker face mask for public display of… Continue reading

Death by sudden internet “disconnection”

Running against time and against another unexplained sudden internet disconnection care of Globe Broadband. Ah yes, the 1350 peso fee per month is not enough to improve their customer service. I am well… Continue reading

Speculations by a Time Traveler(wannabe)

Bad news. First, my Grandmother,who prefers to be called Mama bought a mini laptop(a.k.a.notebook). Then, she became so enamored with YM to the point that she just had to chat with me every… Continue reading

How can you forget September 26?

The overeager thunder blasts and heavy rains are making me nervous. Seriously:/ It’s only two days before the one year commemoration/anniversary(if can be called such) of the Ondoy tragedy and I can sense… Continue reading

A Spotted Online Reputation,anyone?

To celebrate the much awaited return of Gossip Girl( well for me  it was much-anticipated at least) , can I dedicate this post to my favorite show? After I finished watching the first… Continue reading